Our Story

The Nail Garden concept was developed by USC Graduate Reham Bastawros and her husband Fady Bastawros. Having researched and experienced many spas and resorts around the world, the admitted spa junkie sought to develop Nail Garden as an urban retreat where you can experience the best nail spa services in a modern, trendy and comfortable environment without having to spend a fortune.

After years of searching for the ‘perfect place’ for beauty treatments, we decided to listen to the old saying, “If you want something done right…do it yourself.” Countless hours went into the thoughtful details that created Nail Garden. While we hope you enjoy the décor, we want you to know that we have created a salon where health and safety is more important than any decorative element. Nail Garden came about from our strong desire to create a true alternative to the cold and chilly feel of most nail salons. We decided to build a warm nail boutique that is unique, stylish and full of personal and artistic expression. Since our opening we’ve become a destination for aficionados and casual users everywhere

We appreciate all of the fabulous input our customers have given us. We realize that many of you are ‘on the go’ and are looking for a one-stop shop for all your pampering needs. In response to your request and enthusiasm for more treatments, we will soon be offering spray tanning, henna tattooing, facials and more!

When we opened our first Nail Spa retreat in the heart of Studio City in 2005, we never dreamed it would blossom like it has. Quickly gaining a growing army of fans, Nail Garden now occupies four beautiful locations in Los Angeles and has a family of over 100 employees. Since opening our doors, it has turned more than a few heads while setting new nail industry standards. Of course it couldn’t have happened without the energy and support of Nail Garden’s loyal customers and we want you to know how grateful we are.